Rutherford Joins Bryceville Elementary

April 10, 2019
Rutherford Ride Alongs

Welcome to another installment of the Rutherford Ride Along, where I visit workplaces across the First Coast to gain insights on how federal policies impact the jobs in our community. I had the opportunity to spend time with Ms. Sue Butler, Ms. Kristie Money, and the Kindergarten class at Bryceville Elementary in Nassau County. We read “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” which talked about the founding of America, and compared the original flag to the current flag. I was impressed with both the students and the manner in which Ms. Butler engaged her class, making clear why she was recently honored as the Bryceville Teacher of the Year. Certainly, the Kindergarten students at Bryceville Elementary are fortunate to have a positive and dynamic environment in which to learn.

Each of us can point to an educator who made an impact in our lives, not only with the lessons he or she taught us, but also with the personal, caring connection every teacher strives to make with each student. Teachers have a challenging job that is by no means one-size-fits-all, so it is important that federal policy minimize burdens placed on teachers, administrators, and school boards so they can each focus on meeting the unique needs within their communities. I believe in trusting teachers in the classroom – allowing them the flexibility to teach without input from Washington bureaucrats.

I thank Ms. Butler, Ms. Kristie Money, Principal Amber Nicholas-Bovinette, and the bright young students at Bryceville Elementary for this opportunity.